We are all Kings and Queens!

It’s a bold title I know, sometimes it’s hard to think what is the best possible way to just be encouraging, to be upfront to show that even in our brightest and darkest times we all matter. To be honest I’m going to be myself and sometimes it not always going to be what you want to read, yet I hope that even though I don’t have as much content as other blogs and I will work on that as I go. I was very much encouraged to start a blog by someone who has sat, been real and listened to craziness for some time, so I want to give back.

I’m 31 living in Arizona and I’m going to bring my own perspective on things dealing with hiv, so with my Disclaimer: I’m not an advocate or an activists, I’m trying to find myself and elevate myself and whom ever my words come across.

To all my Kings and Queens out there, I say to you, that’s what you are, your more than your diagnosis, age, and condition, we’re a community of elegance and intrigue, warriors and knights, we are light and darkness but most of all we are elevated to Kings and Queens, why? No matter where we are in the world we a amazing in what we do to make a difference both in big an small ways. You are the long time companions, the mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, husbands, wives, families great and small who have survived and shared so much and put much more on the line just to have a voice.

To me your royalty, something that not everyone can live up to, we shoulder great life tasks and look forward to the day when we can all retire our crowns for our work is complete. Until that time hold your crown high with dignity, look forward and continue onward changing the world one split second at a time.


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