Why i disclose

It’s amazing how that becomes the new contract you didn’t ask for. So after experiencing the standard you go around spreading aids then I realized that between that and his criminalization which I will hit on later, here is what I decided. You need to get to know me instead of doing all the work for you. It’s never a bad thing to show first hand this is who I am and this is what your getting, that especially comes into play when dating. Now a days we move at such a fast pace everyone wants to know everything upfront and it doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for the basic let’s go out and do something. The problem with disclose is that you never look at the fact that I want something real and honest with you and try to start something real, I don’t disclose to be rejected or have people have tell you some fisher price pre-k crap and then it leaves me wondering why I said anything in the first place.

When I disclose Ito like showing you my house I want show you around and hope you like what you see. This tour is not for the purpose of you vandalizing where I live.  When I disclose I’m confident in who I’am that even though it took me sometime to get there I not going to be dragged down by people who live in fear, who want to make me feel like I did something out of the normal then everyone else. Disclosing for me has nothing to do to with you, even though it feels good being able to get that out of the way. It’s not something to take lightly either, if you happened to be in our shoes always having to make this a subject of discussion so as not to have to have time wasted on either side, I would hope for the same amount of respect or more cause I have just done most of the work for you.

Disclosing is very much personal, it means I have to be vulnerable to your opinion of me even if I care or not. I can be as hopeful as I want but people still need to grow up and I hope it doesn’t take a couple hundred years to see were all people and it’s all good.


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