Preference state of mind

It’s been on my mind for some time and it’s time for clarification. What is preference, and when is it being used properly? In my set of circumstances you learn that the final print of having hiv can put you in that category sometimes. It’s used to narrow down the field of what you want and let others know don’t waste your time. Here is what it has been used for most commonly, race. I can understand the need to narrow the playing field but it’s really being used to send, spread, and continue, racial tensions. It’s more and more common to see that your not wanted based on your race. It’s really disgraceful that it’s seeped into various communities looking for the freedom of acceptance and yet taking that away from others.

I have always seemed to ask when someone isn’t chasing the social norm or dating in their own race I’m surprised to find that there is no real easy answer. This I do know is that at least including myself have dated outside my own race and the only preference the ones that count are the ones that don’t put race in it. I can understand age, how much hair or smooth, job, education the physical build and height and let’s not forget either being hiv negative or having hiv. There is plenty of choice right there to choose from, the key is that people need to be way better then the norms that they are used to being around. Times have changed they are adapting and they really need to adapt across the board. Most, well a lot of people really aren’t interested in changing or really realizing that concepts like this are needed. That’s why there is so much change going on right now, showing that division minimizes the ability for people to see other possibilities in their chances for relationships.

Nothing is too unrealistic, and most times we hope that by narrowing down what we want means we find it, most times people do, I still realize that people still have a measure of fear when it comes to different circumstances in their life, when it comes to it, don’t narrow your choices expand them don’t let your preferences take away ¬†something real.


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