How clean is clean

Clean the new version of discrimination against anyone that has hiv. Hiv is making steps in the right direction to a cure, yet what about people’s response to hiv, it’s changing and I can’t sit back and ignore how we can be so passive to the pain that that word causes, I know that people want to use that as another variation for saying hiv negative, but that’s not what anyone gets told when they get that news, you don’t get handed a bar of soap and say that’s what you need to be all clean. Your all good, it’s time that you and everyone else that comes to reads this, and stops letting people decide how we get treated, how we get discriminated or how we are allowed to be loved, and cared about. For me I’m not going to let that slide anymore, I’m not going to allow the word clean to be a process used against myself and others like it’s a job application, and that’s how I feel when I see that word, it’s a job application I have to apply for to get your attention.

I’m ignoring that every time I see that word, cause if I have to get used to hiv being a part of my life, so should others. At times it still takes some getting used to saying I have hiv, even sometimes to strangers that I try to be friend. We need to find more ways to meet each other in the middle.  We can’t always take the easy way out, and we need to stop trying to.

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