The Hiv talk

This conversation is a long time coming, Hiv has been put on a shelf and not really incorporated in real life let alone relationships to the degree it should be. I first brought this up months ago to a friend in California who is dating and has had sex with people with his partner, granted the sex would be unprotected based on the fact that in standard fashion asked if he was clean, I hatme that word and will address that later. It got me thinking how many couples really take the time out to have a sit down adult conversation about what do you do, if or when one or both contract hiv. It is the single most important conversation that you hope you don’t have to revisit. In today’s society if you don’t have it or don’t know anyone with it, you don’t worry about it, why?? Cause people aren’t dying left and right like they used too, it’s not on the airwaves sending mass panic.

Hiv in our generation doesn’t have the same impact like it used to. The most important reason to know all you can about hiv and sexually transmitted infections is that it’s about protecting all that you hold dear, your health, your future, your husband’s, wife’s future as well. Right now all I have seen is the selfish factor grow and grow. Where we throw so much caution to the wind and common respect for others have just all but vanished. Hiv is on the rise along with other diseases. One thing that should have a bigger focus is how well you take care of yourself and whoever you in a relationship with. Hiv doesn’t need to continue to be this huge stigma driven shame elephant that we put on people’s shoulders. If we’re are serious about talking about hiv and getting in front of it, brining it into the light then we have to be serious about making sure we have that talk sooner than later, man, woman, monogamous, polyamorous, whatever. Just do the work, yes I said it work, that’s what relationships tend to be and you don’t get paid for it, but you do get something hopefully healthy out of it. It’s not just enough to know your status, it’s a great catch phrase but like all things if there is no action it’s just an after thought. It’s really never to late until the other shoe has dropped so start early, start now, talk to your partner and good health to you.


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