Stranger mentality

We are all strangers and yet in one way or another we look to change that, looking to get to know people and see what we have in common. Still we have that stranger mentality, that I can drop you and forget that you even exist if I don’t like what I see. It’s a raw deal to be in a community to where we look at people as just as strangers and not with the realism of hey could be friends or something more. I hate seeing that there is more closed mindedNess that keeps us divided. I’ve become more of a straight forward person over the years, I don’t like the tiptoe or staying silent. The thing I laugh about the most, is that people cast their net in a kiddie pool, when there are bigger pools waiting and you never know who you can get connected to. You can’t just dazzle people off of what you have if they feel your a creep. Thats a big thing now and it doesn’t take much to end up in that catagory. Me, I just feel that if we hoe checked people playing games, got people to start being more realistic about their expectations name then we would move towards no being so closed minded about how we deal with people. Also I have seen the Craigslist categories on missed connections, I have read them and it tells me one thing, we don’t take risks about finding out if there is a real connection. We dont, it’s about I saw you wearing this or I saw you somewhere and you know if your interested maybe we can go from there. Dude, if no number gets exchanged or and info to reconnect with that person it’s not a missed connection it’s a missed opportunity plain and simple. Stop hiding yourself on trivial things and start being serious. In my universe, not only do I have to show myself from time to time but I also have a extra responsibility of being careful that I’m health for sex, and that I’m at low risk for any possible transmittion, being that I take my medication. One thing I would like to stress is that, if we living with hiv manage to go about our daily lives finding the right man or woman who wants to be with us for who we are and not just about our status. The only way to have better things in your life is to stop making things difficult in your universe and accept some people you usually wouldn’t give a second look because people surprise you all the time, and strangers, well strangers don’t have that, strangers don’t get that, they just keep looking.


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