Doctors the second most important relationship you will ever have

It’s a long title this time, I have been thinking about what it means to have a doctor in my life, someone who will be monitoring my health until his is cured. Yes I’m going in that direction, thinking on that day of when I wake up pull up YouTube and just see the news that there is a breakthrough and cure on the hiv virus that causes aids. Since my doctor is more than I see you when I have the flu I have been thinking in terms of what have we learned and what strides are we really taking to helping those who do not know they have this condition get help. Sometimes I don’t think we are really doing enough, when we get a routine check up, why doesn’t it include screening for all STI’s hepatitis a,b,c? Do they practice it in some areas and not others? I feel that if new changes are coming what are we really doing to protect others from innocently contracting hiv, if more people know there status because we made it a health and safety issue then people know what to expect it’s true what some of the more well know hiv bloggers say there is a fear of knowing, cause knowing changes your universe. With more information out there I think the medical community should step up with some new protocals.

For me I was feeling sick and couldn’t get into me doctor, pre-diagnosis, I thought it was the flu and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and to be honest with ever hiv story that I have read since then, that has been the case. I was at urgent care and they didn’t know what was wrong and now thinking back on that, why in the medical field did we stop looking for what someone wrong with people, when did we stop getting down to what it is? A lot of people in the medical profession are doing a lot to bring more information to more and more people. The point I’m trying to make is it really needs to be a standard of medical care, something that your insurance is going to cover in the first place. Taking steps to say that’s the health care I should have, a patient shouldn’t always have to say I need to be tested, it should be done.


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