Danny vs. Hiv Activists

I don’t want to sound misleading at all, yet from what I have seen on my twitter feed is that, Hiv activists slowly but surely are getting irritated with Danny for Who’s the Boss, it’s not about the fact that he is Hiv positive and bringing so me more awareness to hiv, it’s more of he has taken hiv front and center, to a degree where he owns it. I can only speculate to the fact that many people have been working hard at bringing awareness out for decades, some feel that he could actually do some harm and not really help the cause. I’m wondering who is he connected with, what information does he have? He is doing an hiv tour and I wonder myself what understanding will he bring mainstream. Is he really prepared emotional and mentally sound to handle the stigma that comes with it.

Being the face of hiv, means for many that we are represented in a way that keeps our dignity in tact. Watching his interview with Candace on the view really didn’t highlight that he was in control of the situation and knowing that her questions were grievously offensive, and mentioned to shame him and draw negative attention to those who live and manage their hiv. Going on tour is great, when your prepared for it, people don’t play fair and he is most likely to be eaten alive. My hope is that with more education under his belt he can do great things, right now he seems to be alienating the hiv community.


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