Mixed status and proud of it.

I am not in a mixed status relationship, yet I have to say, it’s not new, in fact it’s exciting, and just like hiv and healthy relationships, this is another one of those types that still get those looks and whispers, like other mixed racial relationships. If you have ever heard of the saying, “love never fails,” how many believe in that? I have to say, those who have taken the time to see that the person they love, be it dating, boyfriend/girlfriend status or even fiancé/marriage situstion. People have stepped up and learned what they could to be safe and keep their partner safe, I mentioned before that mixed status or serodiscordant relationships have been around longer than you think. PreP may be a relatively new thing out on the market, but hiv negative individuals have dated and even married those with hiv. Shocking??? It really shouldn’t be, it shouldn’t take a TV show that we are familiar with to bring it out, still I appreciate that even more why? People adapt, it’s one of the most remarkable things that we as human beings do. Take a look at how many new things we have adapted to, people who are blind and deaf, little people, people born without limbs or some without limbs caused by accidents or nature, yet what do we do, we adapt.

Why mention this, what is the point? I want people to realize, that sometimes we can adapt to various situations in our lives, yet we would rather miss out on love, miss out on a chance to see what another person with a different set of circumstances can do to challenge our character as a person, and we walk away, say no thanks, or that they are not ready for that type of complication in their lives? People find love outside their race, religion, and customs, and people make it work, they make it work. Shame? It shouldn’t even play a part, if people are scared that’s fine, we may not be cured but we’re loved and cared about, we’re not going anywhere, we’re not sitting in the back of the bus, waiting to be screened for eligibility to love someone outside of our status. Be proud of who you are and the confidence you have in yourself and in your partner. Never make an issue that doesn’t need to be. Never be ashamed or ever think that you deserve less or your partner deserves more despite your or their situation.

Charater, I can’t say this enough, it’s charter at the end of the day, being proud, working on the relationship that is important to you, working on showing healthy love and mutual benifitial habits keeping respect alive. In a relationship trust and respect should be there, it’s earned and displayed within those bounds, don’t worry about others. Their opinion is an opinion until you work at making what they say a fact. For all those who love free of bias and undue fear, for all those in a mix status or serodiscordant relationship, be always mixed and proud.


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