Running with chains

Sometimes I feel as though there is too much criticism put there. When I talk about criticism, yes I’m talking about the harsh words that floating out in basic conversation. I happened to be watching a video on The Young Turks, I’m scrolling through all the garbage of hate swimming out there and I come across a comment that basically said someone needed to get aids and die. Ok….. I’m going to keep this light, a new year is fast approaching and I’m tired of one set off people running and screaming anytime we disclose, the next group is always crying about I’m not guaranteed 100% coverage from hiv, really I cause life is a big insurance coverage with loopholes and back doors ready to screw you over one the first infraction or may not be covered in all states. Then the last group, that uses hate words whenever it suits them.

It’s OK to have opinions, I’m not going to be nice anymore, I just refuse to allow the era, of technological stupidity to breed as far as its gotten, it’s time for spermacide. I sit and meditate on how much people can’t stand others with hiv, yet hey let’s wish death on people with the very say chronic illness I battle daily. I won’t ask for respect, and I won’t let mine be taken either. I get, so then please stay in your own lane, I have had to deal with things I never thought I would have to. I can’t convince people to live the safe condom way, I can’t educate people who feel like they know it all, I can’t get people to treat me like I’m human. I woke up with your slavery chains, and guess what I’m not walking the lands with them on, I’m not going to hide, and shrink to your verbal domestic abuse, those days are over.

It’s not when you deal with us, it’s how you approach us.


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