Nothing but Joy

I will have joy, I am going to make that happen, I have always felt that this was out of reach, it took me way too realize that you hinder your own dreams with negativity. That had me attracting half of what I thought I wanted. Yet would have me confused about why I was not making the progress I wanted to experience, life is a forward moving experience. My life has had doubt and plenty of missed chances, At this point I choose to take joy by the hand and run as fast as I can. So I got back on the stick with writing, not just exclusively to my blog, also I have received encouraging pep talks as well. Who doesn’t need that from time to time? I needed to change my mind frame, which was really essential for me. I have had a go getter attitude towards work, but not towards working on me. I baby coddled myself, I have been alone for a long time and I just got used to it.

I decided to take the choice out of it, get up and just take. Life gets better when you make it better, outlook and actions.


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