Can a Beast be a Prince?

why choose such words as these, this topic has been burning on my mind for a while, I wonder what I happen to be doing, am I making the right choices? Are these emotions I feel one sided or is there some there. When i jump in I try to be all in, I want to believe that i am not looking for an exit strategy, that I am all alone in how i feel. Its been that way so many times for myself, the ones i give my raw emotions to are the ones that are out the door before i know it, the ones that feel some feeling towards me I don’t feel it back, I happen to be on to the next. Being single and having a negative outlook has one wondering when will i stop hunting, and devouring?

What can I do, and how do I act when someone make’s me feel like i have come alive for the first time in years? How should i react when our timing is always off and no one has replaced the hole, I just want to step out from the fear of having love and knowing that, it changes you for the better at times. Have you ever found yourself that listening to music that uplifted you, music that captured the moments closets to your heart? Someone that doesn’t leave you feeling as though you ruin your life just by existing. When I talk i feel as though I am letting all my fears go, even though I am so unsure that I am truly being heard. I know a guy, he makes me want to put a ring on it, change everything I have been so scared to face alone, has me thinking he might very well be the one.


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