Race to the other side

Sorry I know I have dragged my feet on this post, to my surprise it can be a challenge to talk about race in a way that people will sit down read and be objective to. Race always sounds like the nuclear option when it comes to most things in life, its not like a stick of dynamite, it is full blown warfare unfortunately. Every time I see something on it, its always about how we as minorities, people of color need to get over the situation and stop being victims. Then I feel inclined to say, then get along and learn about us, then the bullshit on my credit card hits the max legal limit and then I come to understand that you don’t want to and that’s sad.

It has me wondering, how do you expect us to get over our views of you when you refuse to stop putting us in a position to where we are always the problem. Its the same thing look at what we do, get violent, loot, and burn stuff down, um how about you look at your carbon foot print and check your karma report on life and history before you tell me how destructive people really are.

When we fight for our right to exist and live we are animals, you defend you right to do anything, its survival of the fittest, when it comes to breaking laws, as long as no one gets hurt no crime exists. I don’t understand how that works. It has to be under that privilege that we all talk about going on. Here’s how that does to we all have it, no race is immune from that, that is always on the table at all times.

I will say this, as much as people do not enjoy being called to the floor for their actions be aware how you call us out, its been very enlightening on how incredibly stuck we all are on this, when we say matters involving race don’t exist. Since when, who feels safe? What are the circumstances surrounding that so called safety that people think they have? How can people tell people of color to pick themselves up, work hard and earn a living, when cant I open up a newspaper and still see atrocities go on and on. How can we be the most powerful country in the world and be this damn ignorant, and overall blind to others?

Race will always be an issue for those who cannot adapt past the level of a primate thinking. How is it that I can still have supposed freedoms yet people are still telling me who I am, judging me under a different kind of microscope? I wonder how I can be a man an be judged on something so fleeting as my skin? How is it that I cant even watch porn without seeing the racism in that?

Look I am not a thug,I am a person not a fetish to order for your pleasure, I hate that crap labels follow us around like we own it and I am sure there are several people who don’t choose that lifestyle either, yet your stuck on how we need to be that, to either get you off in a fantasy setting, or prove we are self destructive and as i said before no good. Well I guess we learn savage tendencies by the best examples around.

As for me, I am an adult, regardless of the fact that I have penis, that I am black, or that I am gay, make it work, I am hung not Mandingo and it has never let me down, also I should not have my choices or rights diminished because you can go down a check list of reasons why. I choose who I like because I have options, I am not limited like others choose to be, and that is sad, because there is so much variety out there that alone give me reason to appreciate life in general, not all the bullshit of date in your own race. What kind of horseshit is that….I am being serious. I want to love and love hard. I want real progress and that comes in the form of learning to see people as just that people. Not just their faults or cultural differences, but people who they are and what they can accomplish.

The biggest thing lacking that makes people great is respect, that is what makes people great, that is what accomplishment looks like, this melting pot that we speak of. If we mean it people need to start applying it, stop causing your own divisions, when people learn to get along. I mean that, your own divisions, the ones you cause by opening your mouth and adding nothing but garbage truck juice to quiet street. Stop taking freedoms for granted, others have not caught up to us, but more to the point others have far exceeded our level of peace.

My race to the finish line is passing that line where I have nothing but choices, people to truly appreciate and a new stronger viewpoint on how I should really treat people, with respect.


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