Fighting for my future

I am finally making the right moves to improve my future, it feels good to bring my mind into the correct perspective. I want to take responsibility for making my life better why not, I want to be more than just smart, reliable, or intelligent, I would like to make a difference, do something that I love and come to a better understanding of what I can do to improve the quality of life for others.

I want to be more than sex, and fear of trying to have relationships that may end in failure. I know that i know that it happens, I am afraid that, my parents failed marriage somewhat applies to my ability to have healthy functioning relationships. No one should have to live detached, yet i seem to be doing that a lot. Life does not have to be lived in fear, and it should not be lived that way, its how you have regrets with not doing the things you always wanted to, so right now, I am working on blogging again, also changing my life circumstances so that I can have a bright and fulfilling future.


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