March Madness

March certainly has some madness added to it, right now I am going on a new avenue to make my life better while also trying to keep depression off me, I do not want to find myself feeling so overwhelmed by things that are simply out of my control. I worry about being so out of touch with the workforce that it takes more effort than i thought would be possible to find work, fill out job applications and overall care about making my life.

I have been in the house longer than i thought would be possible and it has really began to grow on me. My unemployment just stopped again because i did not turn in a quality control packet in timely fashion, also I did not know I needed to have proof of jobs that I applied to, I know that sounds seriously stupid, but what do you do when you are not even given a response back or you delete emails of jobs that are not interested, then what do I do? Right now between looking for work and trying to get my school work done, and deal with the reality of being broke, it does something to me. I feel like hate starts to fester, it takes money for gas, money to further my education, it takes jobs that give a damn to just hire, it also takes embracing the unknown, and i feel to advanced in years to try and deal with the same old problems. I want to become a home inspector and I have paid into it and I want to follow it through i want a new direction, so I have to prove to myself how bad do I want it, how hard will I fight.


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