World at War

Every passing day there is a war on something, war on religion, war on race, war on income inequality, war on gender. There is nothing but war and it will take a whole lot for things to get better, for there to be a way to bridge all of the gaps that should not be there. I feel caught up in that war, always wanting to express my opinion and yet want to stay neutral. To be able to do that it means I must bite my tongue even when I know I am in the right, even when my feelings are on the line.

There is a fear out there like no other, a fear of more change, being left behind, not mattering any more, not feeling equal, no longer making a difference. Some days I wonder how we are all of God’s children and yet we resist seeing that we are brothers and sisters. It seems that, the very thought of that is irrelevant; it does not matter anymore, that we are being driven to a breaking point that we cannot escape the collapse of reality that is around us.

War it’s what we know it’s in our streets it is becoming our very nature of life, we bring terror upon ourselves, we are faint out of fear looking for a way out, looking for a better way to connect. I feel like I am loosing myself every time I make a comment to explain or defend something because the oppression just does not let up. I feel like I let my own spirituality down, every time I respond and forget who I am and that I am supposed to be promoting peace. Getting caught up in all of this, and it makes no sense, people are too stiff neck to just listen, to be in the wrong, to take the higher road, to be scrutinized, to understand, to make a difference.

Instead we go to war, about who contributes what, who has my values, who God blesses, and yet miss the point of life in general. It is our imperfection, and understanding what that is and how it applies to all of us and speaking to each other with loving kindness. We don’t have those things, we have hate, being unthankful, harsh, greedy, unkind and uncaring, lacking goodness. I know these things and have so much to work on. Humility makes the world better.


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