1 year

It has been 1 year since I started this blog and scrolling through I could not believe that it’s the actual truth on this. Yet in this year things have advanced from bad to worse overtime, I feel like my light is fading and that I must be something more, that I must be so,ething that can inspire some hope. I need hope for myself, I need to see the light something that honestly I have not been feeling.

I need to take my place as what I was ment to be not what I have been trying to be, it’s not working. I need to lead in my life I need to be stronger in all aspects of my life and I just can’t cow tip anymore, I can’t be weak anymore, I can’t be silent anymore, I can’t be a part of a community that has more growing to do than I have time to spend on it. Even if my views from this point on appear harsh and unwelcomed, that’s the way I happen to see the world, and it’s a crazy thing when so much darkness looks like warm inviting light.

I want better and the path I have been on, the life or truth as some would say that I have been trying to live just is not it, it’s just not my people and I face that fact and accept it. All I can do is be me and that is going to be more than enough.


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