Sarafine to Macon: “You used to love playing in the dark.”

I wondered why I chose this movie excerpt from the movie Beautiful Creatures to highlight, the dark state of affairs that we live in…maybe its because those who feed in dark places are tired of having to hide their true nature…

There is so much darkness in the world, I feel that this darkness is a massive infection that is a serious pandemic. The only problem is that we love it, the conflict the anger, the heat of confrontation. Its a trigger that come automatic now, the way that we don’t care about others, that we can’t talk to each other, that this darkness that we all seem to be in, its powerful, I just don’t know how we get out of it.

I feel dark inside, I feel dark a lot, and the problem is I like it, darkness feels familiar, its dangerous, and the thought of that darkness at times can be thrilling riding on the fury that comes with it, being dark drives can drive you, give you a high and make you ache in ways you should never have to go through as a person as a people, its just not right, but that’s where we are at and I think that is going to get darker before it can possibly get better, its just common place.

We cry for unity, people are not listening, hate its the air we breathe, it fills our lungs and we exhale more hate, more darkness in people and the cycle continues. Speeches wont change that and I hope action can, I hope that hope can, but we are on a course where we just want to wipe each other out for what we call the greater good, why? We love to play in the dark, its not just seductive, or inviting, it just feels like home. That is a problem for me because it wipes me out, it takes more energy that i have to give fighting comments between twitter, facebook and youtube. Way to much energy and it says a lot, that I must be so unhappy doing all this that I forgot how to be happy that I headbutt everything in sight like a goat, I just don’t want that to be my life.

I have a problem and I want and need to unplug, detox from the hate, jump into purified waters, something other than this. We were never ment to function on so much evil.


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