July 25 2016


Screaming that is all we seem to be doing now a days, and I feel like I am in the middle of it, and I really want to unplug in such a bad way. I feel that my mental health is becoming more and more compromised because I engage in it. There are no neutral responses but silence, I feel like I need that right now. I feel like I am slipping and loosing my grip on more important things like life. Messages that really matter, making my own goals. In the current climate of affairs right now,  It is exhausting commenting to people who feel and think their opinion on things, attitudes and life styles of black people are cannon.

For me all things black can be a very tricky slope, It feels that no one is listening and that no one wants to or cares to. We have had five police officers die this month and it does not sit well with me at all. It feels as though the police has transformed into an occupying military organization fighting American citizens. That in itself is wrong and problematic, the fact that they are risking their lives and I know a police officer and I am close friends of the family and I would be devastated if he died. No one deserves to die doing a job, there is no reason for that.

At the same time, this country has had a history, a system, and laws that have been centered around doing nothing but harm to black people in America, this is fact. What angers me is that facts only apply when when it is a case against people of color…when people of color present facts, oh its a problem, we don’t know all of the facts and then they hide their hands.

The very notion of a Blue code of silence is an atrocity on the very notion of serve and protect. There is no longer any transparency and people are no longer tolerating it. 5 officers should not have to die, protecting police officers who do not live up to the code of conduct of being a police officer. When you take an oath before a judge to live up to the expectations of an organization that you qualify to uphold, that should mean something to you. People are willing to give up freedoms they do not even realize they need for the ideal that if it punishes the black community then its OK. Little do they realize that they are in essence hanging themselves. The fact that people are this complacent to not know their own rights and just chew bubble gum and skip down the park like nothing is going on its shocking, things need to change, but I feel like so many we are headed towards civil war instead.

Milo and Twitter

Ok here is the thing, why do people think their free speech overrides a private company. Its a private company and they are providing a service and the red tape is furious. There is so much bigger things going on than Milo cause as they probably look at it, they have given him plenty of enough reasons to comply with their terms and policies, that’s how most of this works, no the blanketed we have free speech and you have to give it to us, not how that works. There are so many inventive ways to get around the printed law of free speech that is why they hire lawyers to work in their favor. No amount of free Milo is going to get people anywhere. If you want to make a difference find better options to make your point. you cannot make demands when a gun is on you.

BML and the Gay Community

BML was founded by black queer women, DeRay Mckesson, a black gay men is standing up for gay rights, and the more gay people I hear talking about what has BLM done for the gay community…how about try and keep getting another group of people not so popular with mainstream keep themselves form getting killed as well. Yet this group also speaks out for trans people of color where the gay community should be standing up and doing something about it. It just continues to be more of a white and people of color issue where it should not be, yet constantly is. I am sorry that for some reason it seems to be an inconvenience to ensure you are not rounded up or killed in the street. The people who do get out there do not want to be a victim or a hashtag or a week news story and easily forgotten when a bigger story comes, or when people are bored of caring. Frankly I have just had enough of being torn down from a community that seems to show that they care less. That everything in life is our fault, that we can be called terrorists and thugs, when we are trying like hell to keep people alive who don’t even care about their own existence, who think they are safe. Unity, true unity comes form going out of your way, to understand all sides of the situation, form educated thoughts and decisions and not just hurtful empty rhetoric. There are so many lines drawn in the sand that have us all speaking different languages.


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