Getting through the front door

Its said that the hardest door to walk through is your own, moving past depression, bad choices and hook ups that move no where past sex. It always has me wondering where do I fit, when I really take steps to let go of everything I know that is not working in my life? When the weights feel as though they have fallen off, when I am ready to move forward, how do I do that safely, in an effective manner that keeps me mentally and emotionally healthy. For a while I always thought that I had nothing more to offer that, age, sexuality, race, and health status defined my life and would hold me back. I forgot that is a naive way of thinking, that sometimes I forget that its possible for anyone to move mountains, create storms, change reality.

It feels dwarfing at time to put myself out there, to wonder if I will be safe, ok, but I have to walk out of the front door to find out. I have to do it for me, its not about being free or feeling owned, its time to go for the long haul. Its time to be who through my dna my ancestors, my people, its just time to show out and shine. I have to be willing to wake up happy and start walking, I don’t have to look back or feel afraid to keep going, Its ok to finally wake up.


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