There was something that I came across on twitter when I went and looked through Jake Bass’ twitter on Jake Bass S*nova, that on his July 1 2016 post I had a huge issue with it, a serious one. When he was responding to TMZ about a rapper speaking out about what he said was aids, and most likely he was talking about hiv, he put out two post to TMZ stating “ur fucking idiots…Aids is now a big thing cause black rappers are now speaking up????? Who cares about Atlanta…Who cares about black rappers speaking up????What about the WORLD??” It was not to long ago that he also retweeted a post about Orlando, so in case I was not paying attention to that event, that had to deal with gay people of color, as well as straight allies.

Here is my problem, how can we talk about equality, how can we acceptance when we continue to place black people in such a derogatory light. When all I hear coming from media pundits and trolls alike about what black people need to do about their communities. All you have to do is google Atlanta and hiv and see that there are many media sources talking about how Atlanta’s HIV epidemic is likened to a third world African countries. Now when you have an Internationally know Adult Entertainer promote nothing but aids stigma bias and tell people who and what they should care about. Hiv is still an issue, Jake Bass for his two twitter comments show there is a huge lack in education when Hiv effects the LGBT community, that hiv until it reached over to heterosexual community it was the gay disease.

I feel that this very uneducated comment, from someone who’s health is based on how long he is able to be and Adult Performer, that something this basic would not exit his mouth. Hiv is still very much frowned up despite all of the countless hours spent, on programs like Ryan White, or Terrance Higgens Clark, Rise up HIv, and black hiv organizations that work so hard to get education, resources and information to stop the spread of HIv, yet all the time people pay way to much attention and stock into a porn star. It still amazes me just how much people continue to worship people and that they do no wrong and are accountable to next to no one…Its just tweet and on to the next, and that is a problem. I just got woke on how stupid people really are and Jake Bass is absolutely a complete idiot. Great Adult Performer, just, wow…idiot. Jake you should really know better, the fact that you don’t is not a surprise. In this no fucks given society, I was completely turned off. People can go to college but it does not make them intelligent if they fail to apply common sense. Are there bigger issues in the world, yes, Hiv, is still an important issue, and if its not on your face or your concern, do like the Dixie Chicks and just shut up and go fuck yourself.

Stop leading people down a bad path just because your life is centered around promoting yourself, stick to that. We do not need your fisher price opinions go play somewhere. What we need is awareness and not being hindered by stigma, not giving people a false sense of hiv is not a big deal in the stream of things and underscore all the progress that has been made.

All this progress is helping to save lives and not put us back in darker times, I feel like it helped save my life, living with hiv is getting better, and we don’t need you to get there. Make no mistake you are not Justin Trudeau, but obviously you need to learn something from a grown man who has an exceptional level of class and thinks before he says something. Keep your Mike Pence level of thinking and your Trump attitude in your own lane.


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