Living his truth Colton Haynes: Free at last

Before it has you wondering, no this is not a Martin Luther King Jr, speach, yet in its likeness, do we understand the fundamental need to be living your own personal truth? When Colton Haynes was given a HRC Visability award, he could not help but be moved to tears, his emotions at this point is a very important part of this freedom, as we know the tears were not for the award, they were in recognition of his freedom, his right to step out into the light, to be himself in full light of view with everyone to see and to accept at this point. Those tears were for once in his life the masks could no longer hold him down, no longer would he be a man in his own iron mask. No longer would he be know from trials from his past and how his image is viewed in the present.

From that point forward on that stage, he got to be Colton Haynes, model, actor, designer and gay American, that man on that stage at that podium was a free man, and for anyone who understands what it is like to have a part of who they are hidden away, or feeling that shame of being different in a world that is absolutely against who you are and what it means and what it stands for, then you personally can understand the need to be free, not just equal but above all free.

We can talk about the need to be equal, and as important as that is, people still find themselves prisoners brought on by these systemic laws and regulations ment to be divisive. Freedom is God given right that despite how we believe or worship should not be taken for granted…ever, it’s in this time that I was able to look at what Colton said and how he presented himself that really got me thinking about how he reacted to Noah and has me wondering myself if I would do the same.

Right now I as I type these words and keep an open mind, I also want to keep focused on freedom and why it needs to be fought for so hard, and how freedom of those who have it and those who strive to attain it can be a dangerous thing for us who struggle to get there, yet in those moments that when we do happen upon it, do we really remember how it feels to taste how sweet that notion is, to have the weight lifted and to be able to breath in deep and exhale all of the past troubles away can we really say free at last!


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