Its easier to walk away

There is a hustle in life when money is involved and when you give folks money for there stuff its always on their terms for some reason when I am giving them my money for a specific request and when you see that that same person who talks about oh yeah i will be right on it, and then on there twitter they are doing anything but the simple ass request, it just gave me a needed clarity that i needed all over again about not wasting money on people who don’t really matter. I though that being encouraging to someone who was out and open about his status would be electrifying to say the least and just like guys who function in this manner its about what they want to give you not what you think your allowed to ask of them. I for one just got tired of it and just wrote the dude a message telling him to forget about the request, and left it at that, no shade no drama, just moving on, and yes this dude is white, and for the most part that is exactly how guys like that operate, this has been my experience and I am over it, my problem is that I thought I should invest in this person because he is the same status that I share with him and so many others. I have been disappointed so many times because it does not even need to be a game and yet it always is.

The only person who has not been a disappointment has been a writer of a 3 part book series, and i have paid money into his books because there is so much substance to his writing. That is worth investing in and promoting.

I have needed to wise up for so long and no be involved in the game and yet that is where I have been in, ground zero, just completely unhappy by the results and the real work has always been in my corner, and that I need to change my attitude towards just leaving people alone and knowing when to move on and simply moving forward.

Honestly its just one more reminder that I need to ask more of myself and I am not, I am simply to scared to and I feel that people wont always be as receptive to the changes…I think partly because I wonder if I can apply them, I wonder if I am ready for a new me. Its not about the rules its about playing fair and having some accountability and I need that more and more too. I have yet to conquer my own pain yet I will get there and I will look at this moment and that person and be reminded at times why you don’t admire people who show it all for others and choose not to show it felling to back it up.


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