Pills pills pills

At first we started out, were cool, I would be on the medication that would be a part of my life until a cure came around, but now a days people are having serious issues with the fact that they are going from a pharmacy that they love to getting dragged to another pharmaceutical company that they did not ask for and have a serious problem getting their medication.

The issue I find is that it’s scary not knowing when we will get our medication and the fear of becoming resistant to the medication that we are taking and there is no guarantee the another medication would take. It’s irresponsible to have another medical insurance company pick you up at least have your medication ready, damn you all know good and well you have all of our damn information, because you sell ours all the time. 

It has to stop and needs to stop too, can we not have to jump though hoops and deal with red tape to get our meds, that’s also why I try to roll over extra meds for situations like this because I have been through this before and it’s not fun and it should never be an issue to get hiv medication.


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