Can there be peace with Trump?

No, even though people are saying let’s work together, what can’t be overlooked what won’t be overlooked is how Trump ran his campaign, and who it attracted. Yet people think, yet people are under the impression that we should be working with terrorist trash, who are working towards an ethnic cleansing?

I don’t speak for others but I know this, I don’t want anything to do with a president or people who support this kind of madness that they think we should just get over. Wow I don’t care what small percentage of people of color who voted for Trump, it does not foreshadow the simple fact that people now have a hard time say long, especially the media that racism was in full effect when they rose up in retaliation to vote Trump.

So when this country suffers, it will be Trump supporters fault, and they will have no sympathy because they voted in a terrorist. When they don’t get what they thought they deserve, we will have already know this, this won’t be a surprise, why because they voted in a man who is all about making himself RICH, not you HIM!!

The simple fact that people don’t get that is astounding, what’s more is that Trump has not even been sworn in and violence from white people is growning, and yet you want us to work with terrorist trash? The only thing that should be done with trash is burning it, we are a country that should not be negotiating with terrorist yet here we are, and that says a whole lot of the state of the people living here as they still scream at people get out of my country…oh yes, the country white people stole, so when white people said racism no longer exists, that’s a lie, and it was a lie the second they voted in Trump.


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