Living my truth: Thankful for

I am taking the time out to think about what I am thankful for, such as my triumphs and my failures, for having it right and being completely in the wrong. For every discovery and the ability to keep looking. 

I need to learn how to be more thankful for what I have, but also what I can become how my future can play out if I let it.

Being thankful for all of the good things yet to enter into my life.

It take steps

It really does, at times it’s really challenging to know when or if people or situations work, wanting to give it another college try, and when to walk the road solo another day because I need time to figure myself out.

I wonder what to do, or will I have who I really want, the situations I want or am I missing my boat? I don’t have all of the answers all I can hope is that I still have time to figure it all out. 

“I just don’t want to take life for granted as though it owes me something I am not guaranteed.”

These days I want to be careful of people’s feelings and my own nowadays, it’s not about leading people on, or not being interested, it’s about wants and how we fit into what we separately want, and what we may want as a couple, to my reluctance I still have not found that person yet. I don’t despair as much because I am not the only person who is seeking companionship out there. It just leaves me wanting though it really does. So walking tall and not being a downer helps, my life at times is confusing and I wish and hope it would just even out but that means I have to put effort.

In all of this I just feel thankful for the ability to give thanks and apply it.


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