Stop promoting

Gay men fetishizing straight encounters

I have been in this situation that I have been giving oral to this guy who watches straight porn to get off and to be honest the more I think about that, it feels like it’s for show, cause he is not hard until I get him there, he doesn’t jerk to get hard he isn’t even hard when I get there I my mouth does all of the work. I thought that when we texted back and forth things would have moved in a different direction. I was so stupid, so very very stupid. I am back in the game where I give and don’t get a thing out of it, and it’s ridiculous and what’s more why as gay men this is the standard of the gay life, giving yourself to straight people who have other options that are not us.

Going in prepared

The fact that I was under the impression I was really getting laid hurt even more when after I got him off he checked his phone and said I had to go his roommate was coming, he did say something about Friday, yet I won’t hold my breathe, damn it I shaved downstairs to get some dick and got blown off just because he got what he wanted and I am sick to death of it, and I need to grow more this is not going to be the norm in my life and I should just steer clear of guys they cause so much absolute trouble I don’t know what to say.

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