I shouldn’t be told this in the work place

So, when ever someone happens to say oh hey your still with us, that’s shade. My problem with this micro aggression is this, my work helps to ensure that we get people moved in, because in this country we seem to be under the impression that one person can do it all, sorry I don’t see that.

Then it leads me to this conclusion, that unless your job directly impacts the number of people we try to bring in, then don’t bring up oh I am still with you. Your not even taking additional responsibilities to help the situation, that’s why it was shade in full to be told this. People really don’t look at the bigger picture at times, and at that I am working to get people in to bring us money. So when problems are not in your backyard and the new hire does not effect the current situation, then don’t question my existence, because I  here because your house is not in order and people are not stepping up so that I am not needed. 

It’s easy to live in delusional schemes or grandeur, but keep my name out your mouth.


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