It’s my fault

Money at times can be hard to come by and trying to save it for things I use it on or people is not something I have on tap, so when it was taken from me, I realized that that situation was my fault, an older guy told me at Flex, he does not meet people on the internet because you don’t know them, ironic how I did not head that lesson, what’s even more hilarious the guy who took my money was not even my first pick, I called up someone before him and got tired of being put off so then I called someone else, my lust and greed stabbed me all over with pain I was not really ready for. So it’s time to cut it all off, all over again, it’s time to embrace the decade of sealing, sealing off all of my gay feelings for good this time, people are becoming worse and worse, so the likely hood of me finding what I need and want is really not going to happen, and I am finally ok with that. 

I stayed up late last night into the early a.m. Because I was still rattled by what happened to me, I should not have engaged,  period.


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