I came to love me

Examples, experience, actions, in the name of love, in order to find it, we need to embrace self love, the kind that helps us deserve and give the best. The kind of love that has us thinking of the other person and how being with someone can add to their happiness. Yet do we do the work to add to our own happiness. Broke down cars can’t fix themselves and buildings don’t build themselves, it takes work, at times it takes other helping hands, at times it takes our own.

True pure love, that motivates us to be our best can rub off on others, it can help us to be less critical, it can help us to reason that some people and in some situations not every body is receptive or ready to receive love. Yet you could have also worked the soil for something to grow. 

It’s easy to be mad or simply enraged at situations that we do not full understand. Our happiness is our own and it can also be a tool to teach others, why? It’s a healing to who we are, we thrive and we are healthy when we are happy. So I may not be a doctor but I am writing a prescription for everyone to love yourself as many times as needed daily. Let that never be in short supply.


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