There are good things around the corner 

Sometimes it’s not about closed doors, some days you need to do the closing. Let the distractions go and see what opens for you, getting to new levels in our lives and that is worth closing some doors. I have barley spent time just going out and cutting loose and doing the fun things in life. 

I got invited to go to L.A. and see deadmau5 in Cali, so I want to see what’s good, and buy my ticket and get ready to go and sweat for hours and hours while dancing. At times when I feel I don’t have friends who will get me maybe it’s because I have my own boarder wall that keeps hem from seeing me. That should stop, I should stop and walk out of my panic room and remover there is life out there.

If I get to go great if I don’t that’s fine too but I can live if I want to. That’s the most important thing as well things do change, I just shut enough doors to get there.


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