Pulse year 1

It’s not easy to just put into words how bad or aweful you feel for 49 people loosing their lives. I don’t think it’s something that should be so easily expressed. We still live in a horrendous society where bad things are becoming the new norm. Yet my thoughts on this happens to be, what have we learned, will it change who we are or will it just mark an event on pride month to observe. 

The most rational though today is this, have people learned? Do they even want to be better or change their attitudes and feelings towards the community and their bias against others existing in it? I know how I have posted and felt, some how this feels as though I should not be putting my input. Yet I am because 49 people died and I want people to understand and get that you shouldn’t not die for the sake of what people cannot accept. 

I don’t feel as though I have heard enough talk on it, it became a footnote, I think I was the only person who talked about it on Facebook, and only a very few mentions on twitter, maybe I am not following the right people, oh well. Pulse should be a reminder of what hate in living form can do.

I have chosen to keep my distance when it comes to the community for my own reasons, I just though people had more compassion than what they have had, my mistake, yet for everyone else who did, I am glad you said something I am glad anything was said. We should never normalize loss of life in any context.


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