Therapy is like gay men

I don’t knock therapy, but I also have come to feel like you should learn not to get comfortable. I wanted to fix things and ultimately fix myself. I just feel like I get passed along and that therapy has become ill equipped for a wide range of things they need to be able to handle. It couldn’t handle my sex addiction. It didn’t take long for the new person I was seeing to say yep that’s a thing and we can’t help you but here is someone else.

I had things I wanted to discuss, but I can’t because like therapy and gay men once your out, it’s time to go elsewhere. It hurts putting yourself out there for a professional just to get cut off. Most would say that getting connected somewhere better is a good thing. Maybe so, but when you don’t get to make the decision, it feels like abuse. I come to get healed I go to open up and it’s like guess what, time is up. That’s just how it is, one day you have a man’s full attention then you just have to go and the walls and boundary fence comes up.

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