So ADAP the people who control my ability to get affordable hiv medication sent me a letter than I will not be covered, and I am pissed. I am at my limit with stuff that is just not working anymore in my life, and to be told by my case manager cussing these people out won’t do anything because they don’t care about me. I could say it’s awful to say that but I know it true.

My health is being held hostage based on my ability to try and figure out what the hell they want from me and information that I can’t get from them…I am tired of this, I am spent, I am tired of every time I turn around I have to be remind just how unrealistic this world is, how unreasonable it can be and then I risk becoming immune to the medication I am taking if I don’t find a way to, somehow become compliant without putting my status out there and risk employment, but ADAP does not care and I at my limit.