New Hope: Mother to Child

I read and article how a mother in NewYork who is hiv positive, on medication gave birth to a child and there was an official report, that mother to child transmission of hiv did not happen, there was no transmission. To me this is huge, It happened it Cuba and now it’s state side, it’s an amazing feeling even though I am a man. For me it means that hiv had went from a massive epidemic that progressed to a deadly autoimmune virus killing people to being managed to now giving rise to families and now re-uniting that pure physical emotional bond between a mother and a child.

Yes all these steps have taken time, there is still work that is going on, yet the light is on and it’s been on, more people are just catching the glimpse of it, and it keeps changing until it becomes this lighthouse guiding us to safe land, helping us make our way to the other side. So we keep the light on, helping others find there way, keeping it lit so they never find a road leading into darkness.