#NoConfederate deal with it

Many people have taken serious issue with shutting down a show on HBO that has been green lit by two white producers with two black writers. The premise of this show is that the confederate won and now it's being brought to modern day.

Here is where there is a serious problem with this, apparently people have not been paying much attention to the fact that most of this system in America is still against black people from education to voting and just about everything in between.

Time after time if it has not been with movies it has been with shows and awards shows that has shown, white creators are too slow and resistant to change in this country and that people of color are not going to swallow a pill and go back into the matrix, it's not happening.

Donald Trump is the live action manifestation of why a show like this should not take place, where black people still get shot by police, or are the police and get villanized for the same actions white officers have done.

Here is the reality the trust is gone and I for one will not support a crap terrorist show like Confederate which has ties with the KKK, a terrorist organization. It's dumbfounding that for people who can talk about race, want to drag black people into a show where all the dreams of the past come true. Funny I thought this was the "United States" I thought we were getting over slavery?

This is the most divisive program that they could think of and have Beyoncé hell for her super bowl performance. Yet people still to this day think it's ok to terrorize black people and that's ok? That is not something I want to watch, when I can watch it for free on the news.

Or here hear about how 12% of black people are involved in crimes (hard eye roll). The fact that people are surprised that the black community are trying to shut it down before it gets off the floor, really don't know or understand black people at all and that's ok, because we know that a majority of you are not even trying.

If you don't understand that black and confederate are a no go then, that's your problem and it says way to much about the ignorance that is white society and the indoctrination it has over many people today.

HBO needs to grow and get smarter about its business practices, this was not just appalling but grossly inappropriate. Trump is the reason why we have Confederate, it is the rotten stench of trash that has plagued this country and black people for far to long and it needs to stop, it needs to go away it needs to not exist.

It's plainly evident that white content creators are obsessed with slavery down to this day. That they want to continue and keep alive the same terrorism that existed before we had to deal with ISIS, that's what this show looks like.

For the people who think we want or need this or would go out and promote white slavery, we are not stuck in the past like you are, there is a future and we see ourselves in it, so why your too busy creating content from comics to sci-fi, it's amazing how much of that imagination doesn't include us and that's a mistake on your end not ours.


Hiv spotlight

With the cancelation of HBO Looking, that highlighted a relationship on the shows second season, no longer there, now all eyes are back to Shonda on How to get away with Murder, I hope it can get past the second season, while the show has some good points to it and some plot twists, for many viewers the interest is what’s going on with Connor Walsh and Oliver Hampton.

Hiv still seems to be that hot button that can turn a great prime time show and choke it with malicious fury. My hope regardless of many YouTube comments is that the writers and Shonda really manage to put a real representation to what it means to have hiv, address the stigma and that mix status couples really exist and have a chance at survival.

It’s past time to address the issue because people still don’t want to. When your living life where at anytime events change your life, having hiv, speaking out, and coming to an understanding as to what it is and what’s out there for everyone to use and take advantage of should speak a lot to progress in the medical fields.

It’s only been episode one and we are seeing just how far this is going to go. Unfortunately TV is going to have to be the outlet and tutorial as to how you can possibly handle a relationship where hiv is in the picture. For some avoiding it is the best prevention, for others they step up tho the challenge and learn to move forward.

As usual Oliver is working for Annalise behind the scenes and Connor this time shows up naked trying to get some. What does this show, the continued horny nature of Connor? Well, yes, it also shows that yes you may have hiv and are seeking treatment, but guess what? Your still sexy and it’s a part of life now, it’s manageable like many other health concerns that happen to people. The only difference is the knowledge that if we ask questions, get informed and stay up to date, we benifit from it.

As it stands Connor moved in with Oliver to show he is in, I still feel there will be challength that will affect them, and all are going to question why he is sticking around with Oliver because he has hiv? We all keep in mind this is iea TV show, still the issues are real. I feel the biggest issue is why we are not more informed? Why is TV still trying to break out with hiv characters in tv? Why, with all the information out there, proven test and statistics, are numbers increasing and crossing into the younger generation who should be protected by knowledge more than ever? Why are people still heavily resistant when it comes to hiv, and what are they learning let alone putting out there?

What I hope for this show is that more comprehensive information makes its way to people who have questions.