Burn my house down

To make progress to get progress, sometimes things have to burn, sometimes things are parts of you just can’t go on that road of life with you. It’s ok and people won’t always understand, that’s ok too.

While I tear up my foundation first I have to burn my house down, and the things in it that keep me trapped, as I see myself looking out at me through that window, surrounded by parts of me, it knows it’s not getting out. As the fire comes to life and engulfs the house, I can hear the screams of my old self everything I can’t let live, calling out for help. It’s past time where I can help, I watch the fire rage and my old self disappears from the window, when the screaming stops and I can feel the heat rage I walk away to let the fire complete its work. To burn away the things that doesn’t work, to burn away the things past it’s usefulness, to burn away what shouldn’t exist. I walk, I walk, I walk, I walk away.


Tearing up my foundation 

It’s another therapy session, today I am talking about foundations. 

It’s the ground work in which we build our house on. If you build it right and maintain it, it can prosper, if we ignore the cracks and shifts in the foundation, it can break you just like it can break a house.

My house is sun bleached, the color has faded, it looks dusty but livable. The foundation is severely cracked, its splitting the house. My house and my foundation are my life and it’s not stable. The things in my house are cluttered and unsightly.  I decided to get up take my sledge hammer and break up my foundation and house. It’s going to collapse on me and I see the signs. 

Why would I break up my foundation and my house? Importantly what does it symbolize? It means getting rid of people, situations, things, and ideals that are toxic to my environment. Breaking my foundation, my house, because they have greatly effective my willbeing most of all. It will take time, that’s ok, but I will feel better and I would rather start over then die by several means of my foundation. I will build a new and that’s just perfect.