How do we teach our children to navigate the world? how do we view the world from your perspective? Do you feel safe, do you want to feel safe? Do you even have the right to feel safe, I feel that is the bigger question to be asked. For generations people of color have had to navigate how to survive the police, to us its a way of life. Its a life that you know nothing about, you have never had to have stories handed down to you about the history of our black skin, or latino skin or Asian skin.

When is the last time you have ever been told who and where to hang out with what times to not be somewhere because if your there you must be looking for trouble. For what little progress has transpired I wonder now how this all ends, black has been how it always has been labeled, something to fear something dirty, something animalistic. Its amazing how we are always viewed as such because that is how most of you see us all the time, the ones who bring in the crime, drugs, and looting, and burning down blocks. Has it at any time in your existence, that you wonder why we as a people have had to act that way, with such fury? I know it has something to do with you killing us, at every turn, because its not enough that slaves endured it, you want to bring that to us no matter where we are with no end in sight. Despite all of that we have had to learn to navigate around police, cause its in your nature to harass us, instead of welcoming us in, instead of showing us that we did not endure all the hardship for nothing. We cant even make a honest living without being questioned to how we got what we worked hard for and why we think we deserve what we have worked hard to get.

I hate that I have watched this legacy continue, that either through the news or through youtube the common thread is harassment and speaking the words that mothers and fathers have passed down to their children, for their survival, not for fun, but you would not know anything about it, when has that ever applied to your life, cause everywhere I turn, every time I have to hear about police interaction with police i wonder what if anything at all could and black person, or people of color could actually do to survive anymore.