You go Michael Rizzi!

This entry is late, on November 24, 2015, Michael Rizzi dropped a vlog on Living with the stigma of HIV. When i got the notification, and yes I am subscribed, it was amazing to see that. Why was that a big deal to me, its just a video? Seeing that video said a lot, it gave public recognition for WorldAidsDay, about a year ago I say YouTubers talking about HIV and Aids and bringing attention to it. I felt in that moment that Rizzi did that so overdue justice. It stands at 16,860 views 993 likes and 4 dislikes. What i hope for anyone who knows someone or currently lives with HIV to know that there are people out that that get it and want to make a positive change for the better.

Having that video there also told me that someone remembered and that were getting more comfortable about talking about this important subject. It was also a great feeling to see the volunteers that participated in helping this video become a reality. Michael asked all the right answers to this subject. I couldn’t be moved more to know that there are still people out there that care and show how we need to stick together and be a community, spread love not stigma. When you have time check out the video on Michael Rizzi’s channel, Terrence Higgins Trust, and many other outlets that are out there to show support and information.


Martin Shkreli

Today we heard in the news that Martin Shkreli got arrested. It was not the best news to wake up to, well on my part, other people seemed to be dancing in the street. I happened to be one of those individuals who gave him the benefit of a doubt. Why i think its important to remember what its better to have allies than a town of enemies. What bothers me more is the attitude out there that we cant wait to have people fall and wish them harm to the highest degree. Having an opinion that does not resonate with others is something that i feel is not easy to deal with. It means dealing with irate people who feel entitled to force their opinion on anyone they come across, circling the water like piranha, cause there is always more than one and they all want to take a bite out.

Martin started a movement in the wrong direction for himself going for the money grab. Understand this as well, he is a business man, also there are no regulations for people like Martin from doing these things, than your government for that. Its amazing how there is no room for compassion from anyone now a days. I respect Martin for showing himself at face value, how he conducted himself was very unprofessional. People don’t pay any attention to the fact that given time he lowered the price. He did not have to and made it apparent that he didn’t care about how he was being viewed.

What i would have like was for him to be an someone we could count on in the future. I would have liked for him to have made a difference in a good light not a bad one.

Josh Robbins, he did an interview with Martin, and i appreciate the fact that he did, i greatly respect that. He took a chance too and he cant fix what happened to Martin yet he extended and olive branch. The world needs more people like Josh and in my next post this other person to, who did something incredible on his youtube channel. Josh keep moving forward, do not get weighed down by negativity from narrow minded people who at times remind me why their same line of thinking and acting has people hating others who live with hiv, who continue to spread stigma and continue to live barbaric ancient slavery type hiv criminalization laws. I worry not about the people who we try to reach, i worry about the people who dont care and wont be moved to the plight of others


This is the second year for myself, its World Aids Day, and I happened to be watching some HIV video’s from Youtube, from The Poz+ Life of Patrick, and from Andrew Langston. You cant help but think about how HIV still touches the world. It get’s me thinking, is the message still reaching people? Are people either very afraid or just plain ignoring the message entirely.

Today when I watched the news World Aids Day seemed to be a small cliff note to a very important topic that needs serious consideration. We cant say that HIV is a killer virus and epidemic, then don’t address the serious issues surrounding it. CNN talked about Prep and how it could be not so good for people. When it comes to Prep, the thought is that people will engage in reckless behavior, meaning sex without condoms. People are still doing that even before the pill came out, and people still have unprotected sex.

The problem with all of this is that people are not being open minded enough to help in the en devour to stop new infections, that’s the goal, managing and preventing new infections. There is so much that comes with moving forward. Peer support, groups, outreach, even fundraisers. Acknowledging the simple fact that until we make more and more people aware and awaken more minds, the same habits still end up repeated.

For me World Aids Day means, when are more people going to choose to wake up to the reality, that people living with HIV, are ordinary people, that we don’t look any different, yet we are managing it, we have some of the most influential minds looking for a cure, I believe its possible and soon, why this event has had such a profound major impact globally, I have seen documentaries, and I have seen what it took to get their message out there and make a difference and not just become victims who died in silence, people who died and got carried out in hazmat bags. Living in an era where people they knew died in a blink of the eye. I have not lived to experience those events, when I opened my eyes and did so much research, keeping as connected as possible. World Aids Day comes once a year, yet HIV once contracted becomes something you survive as long as your health permits it.

My message to so many people out there, please pay attention to the message that is being put out there, recognize all those who are trying to educate and keep others safe when it comes to sex. At the end of the day you make your own choices regarding your sexual habits and you are responsible for who you engage in sex with, make your decisions count, don’t be caught in life that these avoidable instances sneak up on you living life. Be wise and be safe.